The New Police Training System: Psychological Aspects

In this paper, attention has been paid to the study of the psychological experiences associated with the future of the patrol police in Ukraine, a significant percentage of whom had no prior experience in law enforcement activities. The purpose of the research is to study the different types of behaviour in the professional environment and identify the experiences associated with the work of the police both at the initial professional training stage (students) and following two years of work (patrol police officers). As a psychodiagnostic tool, the “Occupational Stress and Coping Inventory” was used. The research involved a total of 604 police officers, consisting of 354 people in the first group at the initial professional training stage (students), and 250 people in the second group following two years of work experience (police officers). The results of the study suggest differences in the indicators related to the experience of future police patrol officers and those already working. We have identified dominant spheres of personality and types of behaviour of police officers. The results obtained update the development of pedagogical technologies in order to optimize the development of the professional identity of the police officers at each of the stages of their professionalization.
Ключові слова
patrol police; professional identity; professionalization; students; police officers; personality; types of behaviour., патрульна поліція; професійна ідентичність; професіоналізація; студенти; офіцери поліції; особистість; типи поведінки.
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Shvets, D., Yevdokimova, O., Okhrimenko, I., Ponomarenko, Y., Aleksandrov, Y., Okhrimenko, S., & Prontenko, K. (2020). The New Police Training System: Psychological Aspects. Postmodern Openings, 11(1Supl1), 200-217.