Human principles of law as a universal normative framework

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The object of the research was the disclosure of universal human principles of law as a universal normative framework. It has been investigated that the term “principle” is used in several meanings: 1) in the main framework of the original ideas that are characterized by universality, of general meaning and higher imperative, and reflect the essential provisions of theory, doctrine, science, system of domestic and international law for a political, state or public organization; 2) in the inner conviction of a person, which determines his attitude to reality, ideas and social activities. The methodological basis of the research is presented as comparative-legal and systematic analysis, formal-legal method, method of interpretation, hermeneutic method, as well as methods of analysis and synthesis. By way of conclusion, it has been investigated that universal human principles of law are based on such diverse rights (principles of their concentrated development) as: humanism, all of which are used on the grounds of the dignity of the person and his fundamental rights and freedoms.
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Matviichuk, A., Shcherbak, V., Sirko, V., Malieieva, H., & Leheza, Y. Human principles of law as a universal normative framework: Principios humanos del derecho como marco normativo universal. Political Questions, 2022, 40(75), 221-231.