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Baltic Journal of Economic Studies
The purpose of the article – to reveal features of the implementation of social entrepreneurship in the world. Methodology. The theoretical and methodological framework of scientific developments consists of the research of scientists of modern times who work on the solution to development issues of social entrepreneurship in countries of the world, research data of consulting institutes, own research results. In order to provide validity of research results, the following methods are used: generalization – in the critical analysis of the content of works of scientists on solving the problems of the development of social entrepreneurship; information-logical analysis – when studying data of international consulting institutes and associations; comparison – when comparing directions of the state support for the development of social entrepreneurship in different countries of the world; cause and effect relationship – for obtaining final conclusions. Results. This article reveals optimal conditions for developing social entrepreneurship in countries of the world. A portrait of a successful entrepreneur of the world is formed. The state of social entrepreneurship and the directions of its development in advanced countries of Europe, America, and Asia are analysed. Possibilities of adaptation of the global experience in the social entrepreneurship development for Ukraine are determined. Practical importance. Results of this research can be useful for the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Value/originality – there are clarified conditions and strategic measures on the development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Further research should be aimed at the improvement of stimulating mechanisms for the social entrepreneurship development as a global tool for solving problems of the socio-economic development of countries of the world.
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Halunko Valentyn., Ivanyshchuk Andriy, Popovych Tereziia. Global experience of social entrepreneurship development. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies. 2018. No. 1, Vol. 4. P. 62-67.