Psychological Profile of Unsuccessful University Students

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Tsilmak, O., Okhrimenko, I., Barko, V., Protsenko, O., & Gerashchenko, O. (2020). Psychological Profile of Unsuccessful University Students. Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 12(2), 267-289.
Nowadays higher education institutions train competitive, competent, and mobile professionals. One of the factors that influence the success of higher education students’ educational activities is the degree of development of their volitional qualities. The aim of our work is to determine the general psychological profile of an unsuccessful student concerning volitional qualities. In order to achieve this goal, we used a specially developed questionnaire “Volitional and Involuntary Qualities”. The questionnaire consists of 25 volitional qualities (of goal-oriented, encouraging, self-regulating, self-organizing and morally-directed groups) and involuntary qualities (of not oriented on a goal, braking, not regulating, not organizing and antimoral groups). To identify gender differences, we conducted a survey of an equal number of males and females. Thus, 476 unsuccessful students (238 males and 238 females) participated in the scientific study. Unsuccessful students were determined according to the results of educational activity. The research was conducted in 10 Ukrainian higher educational institutions of humanitarian direction. It was determined that the volitional qualities of unsuccessful students mainly include the following indicators: a) a high degree of development of decisiveness, courage, and bravery; b) the average degree of development of valor and boldness; c) a low level of development of purposefulness, persistence, initiative, self-control, self-mastery, patience, organization, diligence and heroism.
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volitional qualities; involuntary qualities; unsuccessful students
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