Інноваційне розуміння сутності, структури і переліку функцій органів правопорядку

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ПВНЗ “Університет сучасних знань”
Обґрунтована юридична некомпетентність традиційного найменування правоохоронних органів, що знаходиться в межах попередження правопорушень як лише однієї із восьми цих стадій, і необхідність перейменування такого роду органів словосполученням «органи правопорядку». Особливу увагу приділено інноваційному переліку з тринадцяти функцій органів правопорядку. On the basis of innovative understanding of the stages of overcoming criminal offenses in the literature, the legal incompetence of the traditional name of law enforcement organs, which is in the prevention of offenses as only one of the eight of these stages, and the need to rename this kind of bodies with the phrase “an cies of law enforcement”, which can already cover all without exception the stage of overcoming criminal and other offenses and such state organs, is substantiated. Particular attention is paid to the innovative list of functions an agencies of law enforcement, which should consist of the following: 1) identification of latent acts (events, phenomena) of offenses; 2) termination of continuing (events, phenomena) of the offense; 3) disclosure of the act (events, phenomena) of the offense; 4) pretrial investigation or other extrajudicial clarification of the circumstances of the preparation, committing and concealment of the act (events, phenomena) of the offense under the basic, special and partial subject of proving; 5) a judicial or final out of the case resolution of the case about the relevant act (event, phenomena) of the offense; 6) implementation of the final court or extrajudicial decision and the maximum possible restoration of the violated legal status of sociosubjects; 7) work with the convicted person to remove or repay the crimi-nality; 8) conducting in coordination with all other state bodies, officials and other sociosubjects of other measures for the prevention of acts (events, phenomena) of offenses; 9) the generalization of the relevant prac-tice of overcoming offenses and the identification of both positive and negative results of such practice; 10) conducting corporate and local subordinate activity on the organization of work of the relevant agencies of law enforcement to overcome the acts (events, phenomena) of the offense; 11) carrying out scientific researches in the direction of improving the efficiency, rationality and quality of activity of the agencies of law enforcement of the appropriate type; 12) carrying out with the help of higher educational establishments of training and advanced training of personnel of the activity of agencies of law enforcement of relevant specialization and subspecialization; 13) independent implementation of current training of employees of agencies of law enforcement of the relevant specialization and subspecialization.
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органи правопорядку; сутність і перелік функцій органів правопорядку; стадії подолання кримінальних та інших правопорушень., law enforcement agencies; the essence and list of functions of agencies of law enforcement; the stages of overcoming criminal and other offenses.
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Ланцедова Ю.О., Косаревська О.В. Інноваційне розуміння сутності, структури і переліку функцій органів правопорядку. Журнал східноєвропейського права. 2022. № 102. С. 27 - 35.