Aplicando computadores no ensino e aprendizagem da língua inglesa

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In the prevailing era, the positive effect of using the media, especially computers, is not hidden from anyone and based on this, the use of multimedia in teaching English can play a significant role because of the various possibilities that the use of multimedia. In this regard, it can be effective in increasing the amount of learning as well as recall. For this reason, in this study, an attempt has been made to investigate the impact of computer use on learning and teaching English lessons among students of Ukraine University and a more apparent reason for claiming the positive effect of computer use in education, especially language teaching. A descriptive-analytical method is used to meet the aim of the study. In conclusion, the article reveals the beneficial effect of applying computers in English language teaching and learning along with some advantageous recommendations.
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Computers. Multimedia. Teaching English. Students, комп'ютери, мультимедіа, викладання англійської мови, студенти
Бібліографічний опис
Mahnovskyi, I. Y.; Stets, O. M.; Nehara, R. V. Aplicando computadores no ensino e aprendizagem da língua inglesa. Revista Entre Linguas, Araraquara, v. 7, n. esp.7, 2021.