State housing policy of Ukraine: status and development perspectives

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The purpose of the article was to determine the state housing policy taking into account the state of war in Ukraine as a result of the conflict with the Russian Federation. The authors of the article have used general scientific (dialectical, axiological, etc.) and special (formal and logical, statistical, predictive, etc.) methods and scientific cognition. The lack of a state housing policy and a general strategy for the development of the housing stock has been established. The importance of the modern stage of the state housing policy of Ukraine, which is to restore the housing stock destroyed or damaged as a result of the war, ensuring the housing needs of internally displaced persons and people who have lost their homes, is emphasized. It has been concluded that the modern state housing policy of Ukraine needs to define its strategic directions taking into account the needs that arose as a result of the war. The authors have suggested the following areas of the latest state housing policy: construction of new housing stock, major repairs of housing-related infrastructure facilities, determination of mechanisms for accounting of rental housing stock and resumption of social housing construction, etc.
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Avramova, O., Sloma, V., Kulinich, O., Fedorenko, T., Myrza, S. State housing policy of Ukraine: status and development perspectives. CUESTIONES POLITICAS Випуск 76. Том 41. С.46-63. DOI 10.46398/cuestpol.4176.02.