Peculiarities Of Survey Of Children Victims Of Domestic Violence

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In the article, the author revealed the most pressing issues regarding the survey of children victims of domestic violence and described in detail the procedure for interviewing minors. It has been established that the process of obtaining testimony from underage victims of domestic violence has certain difficulties. A list of grounds that are undesirable to use when communicating with children is identified, recommendations are provided for interviewing children victims of violence. The main conclusions about the importance of the process of questioning children as one of the main evidence bases, which will allow a comprehensive, objective and unmistakable establishment of the truth in the case. The main types of violence against children, subjects who commit violence against children, dangerous consequences for the society where domestic violence against children is actively manifested are characterized. It is established, on what features it is necessary to pay attention to process of interrogation of the child on what reliability of the received information depends. Attention is drawn to the fact that the procedure of interviewing children victims of domestic violence is regulated not only by national legislation but also by international law. The author states that in accordance with international standards and world practice, the interview of a child who is a victim of violent crimes, domestic violence or has witnessed violence should be conducted in a friendly atmosphere for the child, where she feels protected and comfortable. The article describes the "green room" as a specially equipped room for interviewing such children.
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domestic violence, children's survey, "green room", violence against children ., домашнє насильство, опитування дітей, «зелена кімната», насильство над дітьми.
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Sukharieva А. Peculiarities Of Survey Of Children Victims Of Domestic Violence. Polski Interdyscyplinarny Przegląd Naukowy (Polish Interdiscyplinary Scientific Rewiev). 2021. № 1 (01). Рр. 1 - 7.