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Journal of Security and Sustainability
The article theoretically substantiates the methodological approaches and tools of comprehensive statistical analysis of labor migration, based on the principles of systematic research from the standpoint of integrity and integration of processes. This, in turn, allowed to identify the main elements and features that characterize labor migration, as the object of statistical research, as well as to carry out an objective analysis of the condition and development of this phenomenon at both national and regional levels. The role of statistical analysis of labor migration in the management system based on the analysis of the experience of developed countries was also determined. A conceptual approach in the field of state regulation of labor migration was proposed, which is based on the application of a systematic approach and compliance with its basic principles. The place of statistical assessment and monitoring of labor migration was established as one of the main tools for regulating the number of labor migrants from the standpoint of systematics. The results of the assessment of the procedures for acquiring citizenship and issuing permits for foreigners in Ukraine have been analyzed. Moreover, practical recommendations were provided based on a statistical analysis of the procedure for acquiring citizenship and issuing permits to foreigners in accordance with the principles of human rights and non-discrimination. Peculiarities of legal regulation regarding the migration processes in Ukraine were studied. The identified shortcomings and “gaps” in the legal field of Ukraine allow to form practical recommendations on the legal regulation of migration processes in accordance with the basic principles of European integration.
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national security; migration processes; social risks; migration risks; immigration compensators
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Reznik, O., Muzychuk, O., Yunin, O., Kaliuzhna, S., Dubenko, O. 2020. Migration risk management as a factor of national security, Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues 9(4), 1471-1482.