The ratio of electronic and public services: legal aspect

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The purpose of the research. The scientific article is devoted to the coverage of the category of electronic and public services. Main content. The categories “administrative service”, “public service” and “municipal service” are compared. The main approaches to the definition of the concept of electronic services by public administration authorities and the identification of the characteristics of the above concept are considered. Methodology: Consideration of materials and methods based on the analysis of documentary materials for the provision of electronic and public services in Ukraine. Conclusions. Electronic services are a type of public service and are related as a private to the whole, that is, despite the common features of the above services, public services have a large scope of implementation by the population in public administration.
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Manzhula, A., Okopnyk, O., Lashkun, A., Yurchenko, V., Rudoi, K. The ratio of electronic and public services: legal aspect. CUESTIONES POLITICAS. Випуск 72. Том 40. С. 582-590. DOI 10.46398/cuestpol.4072.34.