Gender policy within social and labor relations: international and legal aspect

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The article aims to define the sectoral legal tools that can be incorporated into the legislations of the countries of the world for the development of gender policies in social and labor relations. The research methodology included methods of general and special scientific character, which aim to ensure the unity of approaches. Attention has been paid to the justification of subjective differentiation of working conditions in the acts of the International Labor Organization. Legal conditions for the introduction of gender equality in legal systems were proposed in order to ensure the social and economic development of society. It is concluded that international standards of social and labor relations make it possible to implement gender equality policy in various variable models. Finally, among the special sectoral tools for solving gender problems, it is worth applying: subjective and social differentiation of working conditions; gender-neutral legislation; local acts as a method of raising the level of moral and ethical standards in professional groups, and; gender quotas and gender parity with differentiation in various spheres of economic activity.
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Inshyn, M., Svitovenko, D., Telestakova, A., Druchek, O., Sukhareva, A. Gender policy within social and labor relations: international and legal aspect. CUESTIONES POLITICAS. 2022. Випуск 74. Том 40, С. 425-439. DOI 10.46398/cuestpol.4074.23.