Short-Term Memory Training of Students during Foreign Language Learning

Research is dedicated to short-term memory training for university students specializing in translation and interpreting. The purpose of the study was to consider the possibilities of increasing short-term memory capacity of the students who study French by regular training during their language classes. To check short-term memory capacity, a method of random reproduction was chosen. It is an experimental method based on a list of words that respondents have to reproduce in a random order after hearing them. The words for the tests were chosen on the basis of their usage, imagery, the effect of phonological similarity and the effect of the length of the word. During testing, the physiological state of the respondents, their age and the speed of the teacher’s reading were taken into consideration. To train short-term memory in French language classes, special tasks were created, and students performed them as part of class activities over a period of two months. The experiment showed that short-term memory training for students is effective and can be recommended for foreign language classes. The result of the experiment demonstrated significant growth in the short-term memory capacity of the students.
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Short-term Memory, Memory Training, Foreign Languages, Students
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Bratel О. et al. Short-Term Memory Training of Students during Foreign Language Learning. Universal Journal of Educational Research 8(4): 1596-1604, 2020.