Distance education in the higher educational institutions of the ministry of internal affairs

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Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research
The purpose of this article is to identify the features of the use of distance education in higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to identify the problems faced by teachers and cadets during distance education, and to provide suggestions for improving the distance education process. The methodological basis of the study was the classic method of statistics of the Student’s t-test. As a result of the study, the following advantages of distance learning were revealed: price-quality ratio, individualization; manufacturability; flexibility of training; remote access. Among the main disadvantages of distance learning, the following were highlighted: lack of direct face-to-face communication between cadets and the teacher; the need for a personal computer and an Internet access point; high requirements for training tasks, administration of the process and motivation of cadets; the problem of user authentication during knowledge verification; the need for several individual and psychological conditions; high cost of building a distance learning system at the initial stage of system creation; high complexity of developing distance learning courses. In conclusion, it is noted that the listed advantages cover the mentioned disadvantages of the organization of the educational process with the use of high-quality distance learning, which is the most promising in the whole world.
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Pokaichuk V, Nykyforova O, Komissarov S, Fursa V, Bakhchevan Y. Distance education in the higher educational institutions of the ministry of internal affairs. J Adv Pharm Educ Res (Журнал передового фармацевтического образования и исследований). 2023; 13(1): 93-9. https://doi.org/10.51847/WptBj96hk9.