Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Realities and Prospects

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This article presents the analyze of the cryptocurrency market, the practice of state regulation of the cryptocurrency. The study of the cryptocurrency market and the experience of its regulation revealed certain similarities. Cryptogrivna, which can be put into circulation, means the formation of new institutional conditions for the development and functioning of the national financial market. At the same time, it is important to understand that cryptocurrency cannot completely replace traditional means of payment and payment methods, either in the medium or in the short term. In this regard, in order to ensure national economic security, the unification of the current tax and financial legislation with acts of international law, in terms of economic and organizational approaches to the circulation and emission of world and national cryptocurrencies, is of particular relevance. This will make it possible to create a number of new financial instruments that can be used to stimulate the growth of the national economy, which today is gradually emerging from the crisis zone, showing a trend towards further growth.
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market capitalizations, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, digitalization, digital economy, legal regulation., ринкова капіталізація, біткойн, криптовалюта, блокчейн, цифровізація, цифрова економіка, правове регулювання.
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Zaiets О., Yeskov S. Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Realities and Prospects // Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research. 2021. volume 170. P. 158 - 162.