Title Insurance − Method of Counteraction of Corporate Raid

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Centre for European Reforms Studies: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
The problem of corporate raid is all stronger integrated in adjusting of property relations, what their doubtfulness and mistrust cause to them. Property rights and financial risk of loss or limitation of right of ownership for the object of the real estate title insurance is called to secure. A reliable economical and legal instrument which is functioning successfully in the world leading countries and protecting the rights of market relations subject is title insurance.
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right of ownership; corporate raid; title insurance; financial risk; real estate; damage to the person; accident insured; security, право власності; корпоративний рейд; титульне страхування; фінансовий ризик; нерухомість; ушкодження людини; застрахований від нещасного випадку; безпека
Бібліографічний опис
Zaiets O. Title Insurance − Method of Counteraction of Corporate Raid // European Reforms Bulletin: international scientific peer-reviewed journal: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 2015. №1. P. 48 - 52.