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Метою статті є дослідження франшизи «Судної ночі» яке дозволяючи насильство протягом обмеженого періоду, суспільство впроваджує спосіб відпущення пари, зменшення злочинності і загального напруження. Цей концепт порушує важливі питання про мораль, етику та психологічні аспекти людської природи. Розглянуто вплив насильства на героїв фільмів франшизи «Судна ніч» та проаналізовані моральні дилеми, з якими вони стикаються в умовах екстремальних обставин. Тема варта уваги та обговорення з психологічної та етичної точок зору тому, що фільми франшизи «Судна ніч» ставлять перед нами важкі питання щодо меж насильства, моральних норм і цінностей, і вимагають глибокого аналізу та роздумів. The main material of the research is the media franchise "The Purge" (2013-2018), in which an attempt was made to visualize ideological projects, to legislate social inequality and to use danger and threats as an effective tool for selfpurification of society in order to imitate a harmonious social environment. «The Purge” films create interest and excitement in audiences by exploring extreme scenarios in which society allows all kinds of violence for 12 hours on one night every year. In such a terrible and extremely bloody way, a mechanism of unconscious, at its core, total powermedia control over society is created and quite successfully implemented. To do this, she forcibly knocks the baited people into a single monolith, into a blind and brutalized mass (which always seeks only violence and blood), and in fact – into herds of "predators" and "victims", brutally competing with each other in the "civilized" jungle for the right to quench the animal's thirst for "first blood". Such a concept raises important questions about human psychology and its ability to cope with violence and moral dilemmas. "The Purge" is filled with complex psychological aspects that open up opportunities for a deeper understanding of human nature, moral dilemmas, ethical questions, and responses to violence. In the films, a whole series of characters are faced with difficult choices, where they are forced to struggle with their own beliefs and solve morally difficult situations. One of the ethical dilemmas that arise in the franchise is one of self-defense and survival. The characters are forced to decide whether to obey their base instincts and commit acts of violence in self-defense, or to maintain their moral integrity and renounce violence, even for their own survival. In addition, an important aspect is the psychological reaction of the characters to an extreme situation. “The Purge” films show how people can experience post-traumatic stress, fear, anxiety, and other emotional reactions that result from violence and threats to life. The characters are forced to face their demons, indecision and fear, which can affect their decisions and behavior. It's also worth paying attention to character interactions and power dynamics in the context of the franchise. In the setting of a special night, The Purge" films, one can observe various forms of power emerging among the characters. Some heroes use violence and control to ensure their survival and power over others. This may take the form of physical force, manipulation strategies, or forming alliances to achieve one's goals. All these psychological aspects interact with each other and form a complex mosaic of characters in the "The Purge" franchise. This makes this franchise interesting for psychological analysis.
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Дробишевська, В. ПСИХОЛОГІЧНІ АСПЕКТИ У ФРАНШИЗІ «СУДНА НІЧ». Південноукраїнський правничий часопис. 2023. № 2. С. 179-187.