The purpose of the article is to elucidate the relationship between good governance, the public interest and the rule of law, given the declining tendency of the rule of law indices around the world and in the crisis conditions. The study is based on a systematic method that has allowed to establish the relationship be-tween the rule of law, good governance and the public interest and determines the use of content analysis and hermeneutic methods. The article clarifies that the rule of law and human rights are the values of a democratic society that determine the content and direction of public authorities’ and legislation activities, argues that the declining tendency of the rule of law index does not indicate a devaluation of the rule of law and citizens' disbelief in its effectiveness; instead, this tendency might indicate a certain change in the vector of public authorities activity, and improper exercise of powers by established means. A comparative anal-ysis of the two countries and their governance systems between Ukraine and Germany showed differences in countries with different rule of law indices. Good governance and the rule of law are interdependent and cannot exist without each other. The main provisions of the article can be guidelines for improving public administration within states implementing the rule of law.
Ключові слова
democracy; good governance; human rights; public interest; rule of law.
Бібліографічний опис
Anastasiia I. Berendieieva, Alla H. Pyshna, Iuliia S. Bakhtina, Andrii M. Kuchuk: PUBLIC INTEREST AND GOOD GOVERNANCE IN THE RULE OF LAW ASPECT Informatol. 55, 2022., Рр.146 - 159.