Проблематика Національної гвардії під час патрулювання міста

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У науковій статті розглядаються питання взаємодії Національної гвардії України та Національної поліції України. На підставі аналізу законодавства України зроблено висновок про проблематику Національної гвардії України під час патрулювання міста. В умовах глобалізованого світу і динамічних якісних змін у службово-бойовій та оперативно-службовій діяльності Національної гвардії України актуалізовано протиріччя між потребою держави в офіцерських кадрах, здатних удосконалювати свою професійну підготовку, самостійно приймати обґрунтовані рішення в процесі військово-професійної діяльності, і відсутністю фундаментальних і прикладних наукових досліджень професійної підготовки в теорії і практиці вищої військової освіти. The scientific article deals with the interaction of the National Guard of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine. On the basis of the analysis of the legislation of Ukraine the conclusion was made about the problems of the National Guard of Ukraine during patrolling the city. The history of the troops of the National Guard of Ukraine dates back to 1991. One of the reasons for the creation in 1991, on the basis of units of the Internal Guard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, was the need to have military units in case of refusal of the Armed Forces to swear allegiance to the Ukrainian people. Interestingly, participation in public order was added to the National Guard only in 1993, although in Soviet times the Internal Troops, among other things, patrolled cities and dispersed demonstrations. In the conditions of the globalized world and dynamic qualitative changes in the service, combat and operational activity of the National Guard of Ukraine, the contradictions between the need of the state in officer cadres capable of improving their professional training, making informed decisions in the process of military and professional activity are actualized, applied research of vocational training in the theory and practice of higher military education. After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, the Verkhovna Rada on March, 13 in 2014 less than for a half a hour accepted for basis and on the whole the draft of Law “On the National Guard of Ukraine” [3], as a result of which it developed the Internal Base of the National Guard of Ukraine. Presently National Guard of Ukraine counts 50 thousands of servicemen, but to patrolling about 2 thousands are attracted only. Patrols of the National Guard of Ukraine, as well as before, during duties operatively submit the leader of organ of Police, on territory of maintenance of which they carry service. From August, 1 in 2019 the independent patrolling began by National Guardsmen, which is carried out with participation of the Police. Two years ago, a bill No. 6556 was introduced to parliament, which provided for the approaching of the National Guard of Ukraine to Police officers. The initiative met with resistance from experts and human rights activists and was sent to the dustbin of history. Experts explain the necessity of the bill simply: in 2015, the National Guardsmen were given certain functions, but they were not given sufficient powers to perform them qualitatively. The National Guard of Ukraine should support the functioning of law enforcement agencies. The central functions of the National Guard of Ukraine are the separate rule of law and the protection of the indigenous borders, which correspond to terrorist activity. One of the main tasks of the National Guard is to protect strategic infrastructure – airports, stadiums (during these or mass events), diplomatic agents, security services, or special crossings of convicts. On August 1, 2019, military servicemen of the National Guard are engaged to strengthen public order, to respond promptly to reports of criminal offenses, to prevent destabilization of the operational situation, to commit illegal actions in the territory of our country. During patrolling of cities, servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine are obliged to: 1) to provide protection and protection of life, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, society and the state against criminal and other unlawful encroachments; 2) to take part in ensuring public safety and public order, including during meetings, rallies, street campaigns, demonstrations, other mass events; 3) to take measures aimed at prevention, detection of criminal (administrative) offenses; 4) to provide protection of public authorities, implementation of measures of state protection of public authorities and officials, as well as to participate in the protection of public order during official visits and other events with the participation of officials of Ukraine and foreign states subject to state protection in the territory Ukraine; 5) perform the tasks of territorial defense [3].
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Томіна В.Ю., Сірко В.С. Проблематика Національної гвардії під час патрулювання міста // Південноукраїнський правничий часопис. 2019. № 3. С. 93 - 95.