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Title: Activation of the Economic Security of Ukraine in Terms of the European Integration
Authors: Kubaienko, Andrii Volodimirivich
Keywords: Economic security, index of European integration, directions development, consequences of euro-integration, scenarios of changes
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Kubaienko A.V. Activation of the Economic Security of Ukraine in Terms of the European Integration // Montenegrin Journal of Economics. - 2018. - Vol. 14, № 2. - С. 91-114.
Abstract: The full-fledged involvement of Ukraine into the European associa­ tion stipulates the creation and adherence to the terms so to rein­ force the economic and commercial relations promoting the gradual integration of the national economy into the European market. The presence of significant regional disproportions in the social and economic growth in Ukraine requires differentiated approaches in working out measures of regional development designated to assist in creating a free trade area and reinforcing the economic and sec­ toral collaboration of Ukraine and the EU. So, there arises a need of monitoring and estimation of the economic reform progress in the regions of Ukraine in terms of the European Integration processes aimed to establish strong and weak sides, to substantiate priorities and measures of their achievement and an opportunity of their due correction in order to increase the ability of a region to work in the area of the European Integration. In order to implement the purpose of the research, it is reasonable above all to measure the integral value - European Integration Progress Index (Ip). From the most general standpoint, the index is a relative value designated to play the role of a generalised measure of a particular phenomenon formed under the influence of various components that cannot be directly summarised. Then Ip can be defined as a relative value measured in terms of the aggregation of single indexes showing the efficiency of achieving the main goals of the economic integration with the EU at the regional level. Applying the integral approach will make it possible not just to determine and actually assess an achieved progress in making shifts in the trading field and matters, which are related to it, of the economic and sectoral collaboration, but to highly likely forecast its future dynamics as well. Overall re­ gional rating. Odessa Region took the 8th place among all the re­ gions of Ukraine according to the measured European Integration Progress Index (index value - 0.01357) after the western regions of Ukraine, which quite lively build the foreign economic ties with the EU countries in general and cross-border cooperation in particular, and after Kyiv Region, where the majority of national enterprises engaged in the foreign economic activity is traditionally founded.
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