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Title: Analytical Methods in the Investigation of Criminal Offenses in the Economic Sphere
Authors: Horbanov, Ihor
Ismailov, Karen
Zaiets, Oleksandr
Keywords: analytical method, criminal offenses, criminal analys, economic crime, system analys.
аналітичний метод, кримінальні злочини, кримінальний аналіз, економічна злочинність, системний аналіз.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Centre for European Reforms Studies: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Citation: Horbanov I., Ismailov K, Zaiets O. Analytical Methods in the Investigation of Criminal Offenses in the Economic Sphere // European Reforms Bulletin: international scientific peer-reviewed journal: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 2018. № 2. P. 5 – 14.
Abstract: This section covers the use of analytical methods to protect economic rights, freedoms and interests of individuals in the investigation of criminal offenses. The position on the place of information analysis in counteracting crime is substantiated. The general directions of analytical activity of law enforcement bodies are indicated. Graphically, the place of system analysis in the structure of analytics and related branches of knowledge is depicted. The experience of the European Union and the United States regarding the use of criminal analysis capabilities in combating economic crime is presented. The directions of use of elements of criminal analysis (specialized software) during investigation of economic criminal offenses are indicated.
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