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Title: The big city of the black sea region as an object of studying and preventing corresponding property against property
Authors: Ostrohliadov, Oleksandr
Остроглядов, Олександр Ігорович
Keywords: mercenary crime against property, regional features of crime, region, city, Black Sea region, prevention of crime.
корислива злочинність проти власності, регіональні особливості злочинності, регіон, місто, Причорноморський регіон, запобігання злочинності.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Centre for European Reforms Studies: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Citation: Ostrohliadov О. The big city of the black sea region as an object of studying and preventing corresponding property against property // European Reforms Bulletin. international scientific peer-reviewed journal: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 2018. № 4. Р. 34-40.
Abstract: The article presents the results of a scientific study of the phenomenon of selfish crime against property in the cities of the Black Sea region of Ukraine. The concept of mercenary crime against property is defined, their types are presented. The results of quantitative and qualitative indicators of these crimes for 2015-2016 are presented. Various approaches to the classification of territories are analyzed. Arguments are given for the relevance and practical significance of research on mercenary crime against property in a territorial section. A personal approach to the study of regional features of the phenomenon of selfish crime against property in large cities is proposed. The results of quantitative and qualitative indicators of these crimes for 2018 are presented. It has been established that the level of concentration of selfish crimes against property in the territory of large cities of the Black Sea region is distinguished by marked territorial differences. If in Kherson about 3642 crimes against property are committed every year, then in Nikolaev there are 6201 cases, and in Odessa - 10389 crimes. The distribution of mercenary crimes between the districts of the big city is also uneven. For example, only in the Kiev district of Odessa annually 1956 crimes of this category are committed, whereas in Malinovsky district - 2321, in Kiev district - 2706, and in Primorsky district - 3406 crimes. A similar situation is observed in other districts of large cities in this region. It has been stated that a significant reserve on improving the practice of combating crimes in the big city of the Black Sea region is contained in quality information and analytical providing, which is based on the identification of patterns and the localization of hearth of concentration of mercenary crimes against property in the city. The necessity of taking into account during organization by law enforcement the practice of preventing crime of the existence of five types of zones by signs of the attractiveness of mercenary crimes in the big city of the Black Sea coast, is argued: a) city center – is characterized by the concentration of a large number of retail chains, banks, diverse elements of business, economic and cultural structures. Here, favorable opportunities for improving property crimes (pickpocketing, stealing from cars, offices, shops, robberies) is the factor of reduced informal control by society; b) the districts of the city adjacent to the centrals are also characterized by weak social control along with a large concentration of trading companies, large shops, industrial enterprises. In these districts arise favorable conditions for thefts, robberies, brigandages, frauds; c) entertainment quarters – concentrated near ports, railway stations, bus stations, cultural monuments, recreation zones, in specially designated, easily accessible places. The atmosphere of celebration and carelessness reigns in them. In the large cities of the Black Sea region, they attract potential victims and criminals, creating favorable conditions for attacking imprudent victims; d) districts of expensive mansions – places of compact accommodation of wealthy citizens. As a rule, such territories are attractive for representatives of organized and professional crime. Criminal encroachments here are distinguished by thorough planning and preparation, the use of various techniques of penetration into houses (including psychological ones, for example, under the guise of technical maintenance, etc.), detailed study of the ways of committing a crime, the use of modern technical devices, knowledge of modern achievements science and technology, etc .; e) intracity intermediate or peripheral zones – territories of social and infrastructural decline. They are characterized by the dominance of adverse socialization conditions, the residing of a large number of unreliable, incomplete, or “difficult families” - people with disabilities, marginals, previously convicted, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. Adolescents and adults in such districts are exclusively concerned with survival problems. Such districts generate criminal behavior not only within the district, but also export it to other territories.
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