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Title: Personal instructions for students on the phenomenon of child cruelty
Authors: Tsilmak, Olena
Цільмак, Олена Миколаївна
Rostomova, Lada
Ростомова, Лада Миколаївна
Keywords: violence, cruelty, children, boys, girls, students, socio-psychological determinants, instruction, phenomenon
насильство, жорстокість, діти, хлопці, дівчата, студенти, соціально-психологічні детермінанти, настанова, явище
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Tsilmak O., Rostomova L. Personal instructions for students on the phenomenon of child cruelty // Sciences of Europe. 2016. № 4(4). Pp. 66 - 68.
Abstract: The authors give the results of the anonymous questioning of students on the phenomenon of child cruelty and classify internally-caused and externally-caused socio-psychological determinants of child cruelty. According to the authors, the prevention of violent behavior among children should be implemented at the national and local levels.
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