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Title: Географiя корисливо-насильницькоi злочинностi неповнолiтнiх у Пiвденному регiонi Украiни
Authors: Вєтєва, Ніна Василівна
Vеtеvа, Nina Vasilyivna
Keywords: історичний аналіз, злочинність неповнолітніх, історичні аспекти, корисливо-насильницька злочинність
historical analysis, juvenile delinquency, historical aspects, selfish-violent crime
исторический анализ, преступность несовершеннолетних, исторические аспекты, корыстно-насильственная преступность
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Вєтєва Н.В. Географiя корисливо-насильницькоi злочинностi неповнолiтнiх у Пiвденному регiонi Украiни / Н.В. Вєтєва // REсHT DER OSTEUROPAISсHEN STAATEN; REOS 04/ 18. - Р.49 — 52.
Abstract: In the articles analyzed the substantive provisions related to scientific development of tеrm criminal geogTaphy. During research of in-quality indexes of criminality the special attention of scientists applies on such hеr description as criminal geography. Fот this rеаsоп, at the detailed analysis of this question Ьу us the concept vehicle of term was considered criminal geogTaphy with the aim of him further stшdy and improvement, determination of essence and realization of analysis of mercenarily-violent сrimiпа1 of miпоr geography in the South rеgiоп of Ukraine, establishment of conformities to law and intercommunications between the geographical fеаtцrеs of region and feasance of mercenarily-violent сrimеs minor is Ьу priority in this research. The features of the South region of lJl<raine is а geographical location of the Odesa, Mykolaiv and Kherson areas in the black sea Region lowland, in this connection in regional centers well-educated ports and resort-recreational zones. Such features assist the increase of level of economic development of region that increases criminology of such territory. Fоr this rеаsоп the level of criminaliф of region strаiфt depends on the geographical location of the Odesa, Mykolaiv and Kherson аrеаs. On juvenile delinquency, in particular and mercenarily-violent criminaliЦ geographical position of the South region of U}Taine influences also. In ап ordeT to set intercommunication of inorease and reduction of level to criminality of three areas frоm the factors listed above, it is necessary in detail to arralyse statistical information on ечеry аrеа separately. In orrr view criminal geography is separate science that studies territorial distribution of criminality in certain regions and cotmtries. Fоr this rеаsоп to this concept it is possible to take and criminal of minor geography in the South region. У q^rасних },Iv{oBax розвитку кримiнологiчноi науки в YKpaiHi все бiльше набувас акryальностi географй злочинностi, зокtrrема такий Еацрям, як регiонаьна кримiнологЬ. .Щослiдження науковцiв у цьому напрямi за ocTaHHi роки створили значний резонанс у суспiльствi. Проте дослiджеrъ географiТ корисливо-насильницькоi злочинностi неповнолiтHix у Пiвденному регiонi УкраТни не цроводиJIось, що i посприяло вибору теми cTaTTi.
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