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Title: Intelligence-Led Policing – theoretical Problems
Authors: Албул, Сергій Володимирович
Albul, Serhii
Keywords: Intelligence-Led Policing
criminal intelligence
operative divisions
National police
operatively-search activity
counteraction to crime
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Cognum Publishing House. Liverpool, United Kingdom
Citation: Intelligence-Led Policing – theoretical Problems / S. Albul // Scientific Achievements of modern Society. Abstracts of the 4th International scientific and practical conference (4-6 December 2019). Cognum Publishing House. Liverpool, United Kingdom. 2019. Pp. 101–110.
Abstract: In this article author introduces the definition and general characteristics of criminal intelligence as a separate function of operatively-search activities of the Ukrainian National police. Author substantiating his point of view for most problematic questions based on analysis of scientific literature, acting law and international practice of law enforcement activities, and is proposing concrete modifications in order to improve current laws. Author explaining directions for conceptualization and establishing concrete procedures of the intelligence function of operatively-search activities of the Ukrainian National police. He clearly demonstrating the need to create Furthermore, he proposes modernization of the legislative foundation of activities of the National police, Criminal Procedures Code and the Law «About operatively-search activities».
ISBN: 978-92-9472-193-8
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